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15 Ideas Under $50

To my American readers, hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend--full of fun but also remembrance and gratitude to those who have paid the ultimate price for our country's freedom!

Today I'm doing a Father's Day post to match my Mother's Day Gift Ideas post. All the gifts here are under $50 and should cover a wide variety of dads! Just like moms, dads are absolutely worth more than $50, but sometimes that's not an option in our budget. I'm not going to lie, coming up with gifts for my dad is always a little more difficult than coming up with ideas for my mom. It seems like men often want fewer things, but those things are sometimes a lot more expensive than a lot of the options for women. But I'm pretty excited about some of the items below-can't wait to celebrate this Father's Day!

Similar to my Mother's Day post--Dad, Rick, if you're reading--go away & come back after Father's Day! You're each getting items from this list this year (and I honestly may just come back and peruse it next year too.)

$18 from Uncommon Goods

I love how quirky and original this gift is. If your dad is a spectacles-wearer like mine, this is a perfect place for him to put those glasses when he goes to sleep each night. 

$25.95 from Paper Source

If your dad has nice shoes that get a lot of wear--especially if he wears business professional attire of some sort for his job--then this a great option to keep those nice shoes working for him a lot longer. Plus it's such a nice looking case and those brushes will come in handy long after this batch of polish runs out. 

$12.95 from Paper Source
(Updated: Man Made here--a grooming guide!)

I'm pretty sure neither my father or my father-in-law needs help in this department, but I know some dads around my age (still weird, by the way!) who sure could. If your dad is a blue-collar type of fella and doesn't need a tie very often, this could definitely come in handy for special events and summer (aka wedding season) is right around the corner!

$16.99 for DVD, $36.75 for Blu-Ray from Amazon

Yeah, my dad is absolutely getting this set this year. He is a huge BTTF buff--if your dad isn't into this particular movie set, keep an eye on Amazon for other classics at a low price. 

On sale for $29.99 (usually $69.99) from Kohls

This is another item on my dad's wish list this year. He likes to have "house shoes" that he can wear inside but that won't track dirt from outside in, and he likes them to be comfortable but a bit sturdier than regular slippers. 

On sale for $26.88 (usually $59.95) from Amazon

This is what my father-in-law is getting this year--I already received it in the mail and it seems to be good quality. He is a big watch fan and we have gotten him watches in the past--now he'll have a place to store his collection! This model holds twenty watches and the top row locks for your more expensive pieces. 

From $3, $6, or $9 per month

Dad will never run out of razor blades again! Different options depending on what kind of razor you want to get him. I love these monthly clubs--I love getting packages in the mail, for one thing, and it's a fun way to try out new versions of items you'd be buying anyway. 

$39.99 from ManCrates.Com--they have a ton of "rugged" man gifts

This jerky set has different "exotic" varieties from around the world--a classy step up for jerky lover. 

$47.90 from Amazon

My husband has this on his Amazon wishlist--it's a speaker/subwoofer set for your PC to get better access to the sound for gaming since PC speakers generally aren't well set up for that. Too bad he's not a dad! (And no plans to be one in the immediate future, either! Just FYI, because we get this question pretty frequently. ;) ) But if there's a dad in your life who is into PC gaming, this might be a great upgrade for him!

$14.95 from Amazon

For a dad who's into table top games-this game is like a speedy, individual board version of Scrabble-it's a big hit in our families. 

$7.50 from Amazon

If you're into Monopoly with the exception of the fact that a single game takes hours and makes you want to kill your fellow players, this is the game you need in your life. (Ahem, sorry, your dad's life). It is all the fun of Monopoly in 15 minutes! Which means, you can play multiple games and have multiple winners so that there is more than one happy person at the end of the playing time. 

$39 from Toms

Love these Toms sandals! Summer is here and these are a great way to help Dad welcome it, and please tell it to stick around for a while. 

$35.95 from Personalization Mall

My dad wears a wallet until it dies--I think I've purchased his last couple of them. This one in particular is a great bi-fold that you can personalize with his initials and looks to be well-made. 

$14.99 from Blackout Tees

For the nerdy dads out there, this is a perfect gift. This is another one I'll have to keep in mind for a few years down the road, when my husband becomes a father, although either of our dads would probably love it as well. 

$39.99 from Personal Creations

This valet tray is a great option for dad's nightstand, to put all his pocket items, like phone, wallet, & keys at night. Can be personalized in several different ways as well!

And there you have it! All of my Father's Day Gift Ideas within a $50 budget. Which items were your favorites? What did you get the dads in your life this year? 

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  1. Thanks for the list, ma'am! It's always a struggle for ideas beyond gifts cards. I think my dad would appreciate an organizational tray!


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