July 2016 Favorites

July 2016 Monthly Favorites

July has flown by, and I can't believe August is here! Even though I'm not currently a student & I don't have kids, I still get all giddy at the miles of school supplies that have started popping up in the stores. I also love it because it means there are plenty of options for file folders to make my favorite DIY New Parent Gifts!

Last week I came down with a couple of different infections. I tend to need antibiotics the first week of August each year--how strange is that? So I'm a bit late with this post but I'm really excited about these items!

Some of you may remember this donut pool float from my Instagram page back in May on National Donut Day. Well, my sister in law was paying attention and picked up this beauty for my birthday!
I've gotten to use it a few times, the first being at my aunt's house for July 4th, and I absolutely love it! It's nice and big and holds up really well, doesn't tip over too easily, and my cousin discovered that the bite section can be used for a friend to cozy up next to the float. :) 

This book shares a title with the Dakota Johnson/Rebel Wilson comedy, but that's about all it shares. The novel follows a writer from New York who travels around the world researching how being single, dating, and relationships work for women in different countries. It also follows four of her friends back in the city. It's definitely a humorous book, but I found a lot of it really fascinating and it went in depth and to the "unpretty" places of women's emotions as they navigate through single life. 

This night cream is amazing. It smells vaguely citrusy, is not super light or super heavy, and I can feel a difference in my skin in the morning. It's very hydrating and almost smoothing. Origins also makes a really good night mask for intensive moisturizing that I tend to use once or twice a week as well. 

Ricky & I have been outside more this summer than in the last few years (he's gotten into the Pokemon Go craze, and I've been happily accompanying him on walks to the park) and we've been using this sunscreen pretty exclusively. We both have acne prone skin and I always feel like sunscreen tends to make acne worse, so I was excited to see sunscreen that actively fights against that. I don't feel like it clogs my pores, and it's pretty easy to wear makeup over or under as well, which is another thing that can be hard to find. I tend to wear mine in conjunction with a moisturizer or primer that has SPF in it, since 30 isn't always enough, but I've seen that they make an SPF 55 version so nab that if you see it!

This is a new fave of mine. I just got this little duo of the new Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipstick & Lipgloss a couple of weeks ago and fell. in. love. Like I don't want to use anything else right now on my lips. The duo comes with a liquid lip in the shade "Boss" and a gloss in the shade "Sugar." I'm really pleased I got the duo to try out before committing to full size products (a tip I always recommend--makeup is a personal thing and this isn't a drugstore priced brand). I'm especially pleased with the shades they included because Sugar goes with everything and Boss is a deeper shade than I probably would have selected on my own, but it's beautiful and actually works well with my skintone! The gloss is great but the real star of this duo is, for me, the liquid lip. It goes on smooth & thin, not goopy or streaky like some other liquid lipsticks tend to do. It stays on for hours, has very little transfer, and when it does wear off it does so evenly without chunks or flaking. Of course you'll want to prep your lips, especially if they're chapped, but it's not nearly as hard and fast a rule as it is with other liquid lips I've tried. Big thumbs up! I already have my eye on Weekender and Infamous. 

How to Get Away With Murder

Ok, so this show definitely plays out a little like a soap opera, but I've been guilty-pleasure watching it this last month. I was really drawn in by the Viola Davis character--a strong female lawyer who stops at nothing to win her cases, and also teaches & employs law students. I don't want to give anything away, but if you're into mystery & drama, you'll love it!

And there you have it! A round up of the things I've been obsessing over this past month. What have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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