New Parent Gifts--Mommy Kit & Baby Docs Binder

New Parent Gifts

Mommy Kit & Baby Docs Binder

This spring has been "fruitful" at our church! We have several couples with brand-new infants--including my new baby nephew--so I thought I'd show you a glimpse into what I put together for new parents. I've done a few different versions of the same basic idea. The one I'm showing you today was for my sister in law, but I did a similar version for my cousin last fall and have done smaller ones for other friends as well. At the bottom of the post I'll show you a pocket binder I put together for all of Baby's important documents--makes a great gift, or if you're expecting, it's really handy to have at the hospital when they start throwing birth certificates and medical paperwork at you. 

Here are all the items I used for the "Mommy Kit"

I started with these small blank canvas bags I picked up at Hobby Lobby for a couple of dollars each. I've seen similar options at other craft stores as well. 
Hobby Lobby
Next I added some stamps that matched the theme of the occasion...Congratulations, a "little man" mustache, and black bear silhouette (his nickname is Sullybear and his nursery is kind of "hunting lodge" themed). Pretty adorable!

It was kind of awesome when she opened the gift & saw these bags--she immediately knew where to put them in the nursery--hanging from the hooks of little DIY pallet shelf she'd made & had on the wall! I love when things just "work" that way. 

Tip--don't push all around the sides of the stamp (like I did on the mustache ones--that's why they have excess ink at the top. Instead push firmly but straight down, like I did with the bear, which looks much better on the fabric!)

The Diet Dr Pepper in the background is like an integral part of all crafting scenarios.
At least for me.
 Then I started adding things to the bags, starting with a cute new baby card...

My new favorite baby card
 Some things for the new mom to pamper herself...I feel like it's all about the mom when she's pregnant, and then as soon as she gives birth everyone focuses on the baby. C'mon, people, birth is a traumatic experience for the mom! She needs some lovin' too! In this gift I added a cup with a straw (I hear it's easier to drink from a straw than a bottle or cup when nursing or holding a sleeping baby--less jostling), a yummy candle, nail polish and polish remover pads, lip balm, and hand sanitizer.

Pampering supplies
 I also included a nursing shirt, which has a "tank" piece that can be easily pulled up for nursing without pulling up your whole shirt.
Nursing shirt from Steals.Com
Then I added some thing for easy cleaning during messy times...Clorox to go, makeup remover towelettes, and a to-go Kleenex pack. All things that can be kept within easy reach of the rocking chair in the nursery so that she doesn't have to get up too often. 

And of course, some goodies for mom (& dad!) to snack on. 

Sourpatch kids, baby bottle pops & dried pineapple pieces. 

Then I added all the items to this cute mustache box and forgot to take a photo of it all in there. #bloggerfail. 
I found the box at Hobby Lobby back when I was planning our "Little Man" baby shower in February. Check out the post on how to put together that theme here
 I didn't bring this particular gift to the hospital, although you may choose to. It would be handy to have a few of these things--like the makeup wipes & snacks--during your hospital stay, but it is also one more thing mom & dad have to lug home with them, so it's kind of a personal call.
I also included "big brother/sister" gifts if the couple already has a child--I have heard it helps ease them into having a sibling. It can be hard watching your baby sibling get all kinds of presents for months and not get anything when you're two! :)

This "We're Hungry" top was our birthday present to Käte in January
Sully in his crib--cutest thing ever!
This next gift, however, I did choose to bring to the hospital for the reasons listed above--that they give you important paperwork regarding your child at the hospital and you will need to have a good place to put it!
I started with this black expansion file and added these awesome gold shiny file folders, both from Target. Then I labeled each with my label maker and a couple types of gold washi tape.They looked great as is, but looking back I think I should have gone over the washi tape on the outside of the expandable file with clear packing tape--I've been over to their house since the birth and it's peeling off a bit. The washi tape by itself works great on the inside file folders though.

I labeled each of the 12 files with the following labels:
1-Birth Certificate/Social 
6-Health Records
9-Parenting Articles

Honestly, I did this project because I love to be organized & help other people get organized and I thought it would be helpful, but I never expected it to be so well received! Käte had already gotten some hospital paperwork by the time I gave it to her (just a few hours after the birth!) and had realized it would just have to be stuffed in her overnight bag. She told several visitors about it and it made its way back to me, which felt great. I love giving presents but of course I always hope that are actually useful to the recipients--this one gets a big thumbs up!

I found this idea somewhere on the internet a long time ago and just put together what I remembered of it--I wish I had the original link for you since that's how I came up with the categories (not being a mom myself). I originally thought about doing a file box, since that's how I keep track of Ricky's and my important docs at home, but I thought that this little expandable file would fit well into a diaper bag for future doctor visits & things like that where it's easier to have it along with you. 

Plus really any excuse I get to use my extensive washi tape collection, label maker & the color gold, I am down with. Obviously, you can use any color combo--I went with this one because it coordinates nicely with Sully's nursery but has a little glam factor I thought Käte would appreciate!

Another thing we did for the couples at our church was a meal train--there are several websites that offer this or similar services. Someone sets it up for the new parents and then shares the link on social media so their other friends can get in on it, and then people can sign up for dates the parents would like meals delivered. I chose to go with a trusty Italian Sausage Soup recipe for our dates. 
Of course, one of the best gifts you can give new parents is your time! And by that I don't mean taking up their precious time when the baby is sleeping, therefore ruining their chances of a nap, and then leaving as soon as the baby wakes up and starts crying. I mean hanging out with baby while they take a nap, or grab a shower, or go out and get some sunshine!

What are some of your favorite things to give to new parents? Or if you are a parent yourself, what is something that would/did come in handy as a gift? What would you add to my "Mommy Kit" above? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Spit Happens. Hahahaha. That is a hilarious bib. Your new parent gift bag is a lovely idea. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Oh my gosh, I loved that bib! I bought that card as soon as I saw it in the store--when I was there buying a birthday card like 7 1/2 months before my nephew was born because I thought it was so perfect.
      Thanks for the compliment Carmen!

  2. What sweet and thoughtful gifts!

  3. If you are making your own books, you can make a book of your family tree or with photographs of the brother or sister or the aunt or uncle who lives far away or overseas. personalised towels for kids


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