New Things in the Lorimer Life

Hi all! I'm here today to tell you abut a few of the new things that have been keeping me busy lately & the new things that will be on the blog soon!

The first and most exciting is that Ricky & I have a NEW nephew!! And by new, I mean born Friday, March 27th. So only 4 days old! Photos, you say? Why yes, since you asked, I do have a few...

Sullivan Kirk :)

This is the photo they used for the Facebook announcement--love the grumpy face!

#AuntJacs (me) and baby Sully cuddling

How cute does my hubby look holding his nephew? #UncleRicky

Congratulations to my sister-in-law‎ K├Ąte & her husband Lance! You may remember the Christmas tour I posted of their apartment, so you know she has great taste...and their nursery is just as cute!  Look forward to a nursery tour in the near future. Also coming up will be a couple of new-parent gift ideas & baby organization.

Another thing that I have gotten recently is a new (to me) car. You may remember my post on Thanksgiving regarding my terrible car accident....well after months of searching (and car expertise from my parents, and a loaner car from my in-laws) we have finally purchased a new car. Happy dance!

My original orange Grand Prix immediately after the accident

A photo from the road the next day

New midnight blue Grand Prix! (Plus my dad in the background)

My car-picker-uppers! Thanks Dad & Sissy!

We also have some new furniture and accessories for our small L-shaped deck--a post on these will be coming up soon.  I'm very excited for outdoor living now that we have a home with a tiny bit of outside space, and there's finally warmer weather heading our way so we can enjoy it! We're slowly but surely showing you all the spaces in our home. :)

Ricky starts a new semester of school this week (less exciting than some of the other items, but it's WAY exciting that it gets us that much closer to our goals for the future!)

Now that it's finally nice out I can complete my first-ever Ikea rast hack. I'm looking forward to using it to store my scrapbook paper and other project items in the neglected nook of our living room while I save up for the Pottery Barn shelf I've been eyeing for that space. 

March has been a great month here on the blog! If you missed any of the decor or organization, here are the links:

April promises to be just as busy & exciting, so stay tuned! 
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