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Expandable Dining Tables

You may have seen in my Life Updates post that we are house hunting! We had one house under contract that unfortunately fell through during inspections due to some safety issues, but during the time we were under contract, I was working away at sourcing the items we would need/like to incorporate into our new space. Of course most of our furniture pieces will come with us (we're in no position to be buying all new furniture!) but we will hopefully be moving into a space with two living areas and another bedroom, plus hopefully a bit more square footage in the dining area than what we currently have. And our dining table is one of the pieces I'm hoping doesn't need to make the trip into a new space!

Our current dining table has worked really hard, not just for us but for several couples before us! It was the table provided in the furnished apartment for the residence director in my dorm in college. The RD (who was a staff member at my college, not a student) and her husband had upgraded to a sleeker black style that fit their decor and was also a bit smaller and fit their small space better, and knew I was getting married after graduation and gifted it to us rather than keeping it storage. We were so grateful for this and all our hand-me-down furniture, but that was 7 years ago and it had already seen better days when we got it. It's a 4 person square-ish table that is a little too big for 4 but has corner legs that make it a bit difficult for 5 or 6. It also just not quite our style!

In the new space, I hope to be able to seat at least 6 comfortably so that when we have family or friends over we can pull up some extra seats (I'm also planning to get a child-size table for art and for Adaline and other kiddos). The space in the house that fell through was not terribly large, so I settled on the idea of an expandable table that fits 4 closed and 6 to 8 expanded. All the below options are around $500, which was the goal budget I set for myself.

12 / 3 / 4

In the home we were looking at, I was kind of feeling a mixed farmhouse feel, so that's the main style I looked at. Number 3 was my favorite and definitely the one I would have gone for! If we end up in something that feels a bit more mid-century modern or super contemporary I'll need to readjust. Of the four above, which do you like best?

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  1. Exciting stuff for you guys! I love the idea of an expandable table. Number 3 is definitely my favorite too! I like 4 also, I like to the chunky turned legs and it's a steal! We currently have an eat-in kitchen so it's nice that it's bigger but it also has to fit a dining table! We have a 4 person high top table from our apartment so I am also looking to upgrade! My dad is working on building us this style table that I am so excited about! https://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2019/07/diy-sawhorse-base-modern-farmhouse-dining-table.html Happy house hunting! It's so fun and only a little stressful! Haha.

    1. Thank you, Julia! We're right in that stress/fun sweet spot, lol. Oh, that table will be so pretty! Go, Dad!

    2. I don't know why that comment shows up as unknown, but it was me!


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