Look For Less: Rhinestone Crossover Ring

Look For Less: Rhinestone Crossover Ring

Today's post is another Look for Less or High/Low post! I love being able to find inexpensive dupes for high end items, like this crossover ring from Baublebar. Be sure to also check out my previous dupe for a $1750 Celine handbag, and a dupe for Steve Madden's $60 black gladiator sandals.  I'm not above paying a higher price for a well made staple item that will last for many seasons, but when a trend comes along and I can find a much less expensive version for an item that probably won't be in style forever, that makes a lot more sense to me! And I have to pass those finds along to you as well. :) 

High Version: Baublebar $32
These crossover type rings are very popular right now & I keep seeing this cute Baublebar version popping up. It's been on my wishlist for a while but I wasn't sure how long this trend would last or if I really needed to pay $32 for a trendy ring. 

Low Version: Nordstrom $12
Then on an Instagram post I saw this ring from Nordstrom! I will tell you that it's not as high-quality, for sure. This isn't as close of a dupe as the sandals or handbag in that sense. But for something that I will wear only occasionally and probably only for a couple of seasons, that $20 can definitely be put towards something else on my wishlist. 

What are some of your favorite Looks for Less? Which version of this ring would you pull the trigger on--or is it not your style to start with? Let me know in the comments!

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