Look for Less: Black Crossbody Bags

Look for Less: Black Crossbody Bag

A couple of years ago, Ricky & I were visiting Kansas City and went to Worlds of Fun amusement park for a couple of days. I'm a big fan of small crossbody bags on trips like this so that I don't have to have anything in my hands or over my shoulder when we're out & about, but that trip I had forgotten to pack one. We stopped by Target and I picked up a bag that was very similar to several high end crossbodies I had seen. I was really pleased by the quality & look for the price point--especially considering that for me, crossbodies are more for events & trips rather than daily use.  This week I spotted an almost identical one by Kate Spade (you know it's my favorite brand!) and thought that in case any of you feel similarly about crossbodies, I'd share the less expensive versions I've found for you here.

Kate Spade $178
I obviously love Kate Spade--I have other bags, a wallet, phone case, accessories...but for a bag that I would only use a few times a year and that I would need to be able to not worry about while sightseeing or at amusement parks, for our lifestyle, $178 is a little steep. I have no doubt that it's high quality and beautiful but not quite in my budget for a vacation bag without quite a sale!

Halogen $98
This is the middle-ground bag. It's still a bit pricey for a vacation purse in my book, but for those of you who could see this being your everyday bag, $98 is a little more reasonable for a higher quality that will last you day in and day out for a longer amount of time.  

Target $27
It's pretty close, right? I like the tassel feature, love that it still has the outside pocket for keys & phone, the strap is nice & sturdy, and I have worn this thing for several trips, concerts, etc., and it is holding up beautifully so far. It wipes clean easily, although I would like to spray it with a leather protectant this summer for extra protection as I'm planning on using it a few more times this season. For $27, I'm totally sold!

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  1. I love Kate Spade as well, but these are some great dupes for an awesome bag. Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren | alsoknownasmama.com

    1. Thanks Lauren! It's always nice to have a few options!
      XO, Jaclyn

  2. Great collection! This fashion blog is indeed good for getting the fashion information. Just for a share you can find awesome collection of crossbody bags at 6thstreet.


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