28 Week Bumpdate

28 Week Bumpdate

Hi all! I'm so excited to be sharing my next bumpdate with you! (If you're catching up, you can see our pregnancy announcement here, and our 15 week bumpdate heregender reveal here or 21 week bumpdate here.) 

I've been having some leg cramps, trouble sleeping, dry eyes, etc. but nothing too terrible or overwhelming. And the nausea is almost completely gone--thank God! It was not fun but it has eased up considerably in the last few weeks and just pops up at random moments now. I've been dealing with a chest/sinus infection the last couple of weeks but am starting to feel much better, which I'm grateful for as well. You may be able to tell in the photo above that my nose is a bit red & scaly! But now it's down to just feeling like a regular cold.

Pasta with meat sauce, cutie oranges, and crappy cereal have been the main things I've been eating a lot of. I haven't had too many "must have it now!" moments so far, but I hear those might pick up as the third trimester progresses.

Size of Baby?
The apps tell me that this week baby girl is the size of a chihuahua or a large eggplant....I've never connected those two in my mind this morning and for some reason I thought it was pretty funny. That translates into 2-2/12 pounds and around 14 inches long. She definitely feels heavy in my belly though! I almost can't believe she'll be double this size soon and I'll be walking around carrying that much.
Size of Mommy?
I've gained a total of 14 pounds so far, and it sounds like that will probably almost double (12 more pounds) by the end of the pregnancy, as most pregnant women gain about a pound per week in the last trimester. That puts me on track (so far!) for a pretty reasonable gain of 26 pounds, give or take a few.

We are still waiting to make most purchases until after our showers, but we have the crib all set up, and recently received an adorable crib sheet as a gift. That, plus a couple of stuffed animals & a blanket, all gifts from our parents, are making at least the crib area look a little more 'ready' for baby.

To Dos?
Birthing class & breastfeeding class are both coming up soon, our initial meeting with the pediatrician is next week, and obviously the nursery is a big "to-do". I also want to finish decluttering a few areas of the house--most specifically our guest bathroom to make room for baby supplies, and our kitchen to clear out one cabinet for baby items there as well. My goal is to declutter enough that we not only have room for everything but have a little margin left over, as I know kids means collecting more as you go.

We still have moments where it hits us--in 3 months, we'll be parents! They'll give us a baby to take home with us! It's crazy, but awesome. At this point, neither of us are too nervous, although I know that will likely change as the birth approaches. If we do worry, I'm worrying about finances, and Ricky's worrying about the birth. But both of us try to remind each other to take a step back, do our best and trust God with our little blessing. She'll sure be loved!

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