32 Week Bumpdate

32 Week Bumpdate

Baby shower this past weekend at my aunt's house--hosted by my awesome sis & cousin.
Excuse the lighting---their house has gorgeous huge windows but it makes photography tricky!
Hi all! I'm so excited to be sharing my next bumpdate with you! (If you're catching up, you can see our pregnancy announcement here, and our 15 week bumpdate heregender reveal here 21 week bumpdate, or 28 week bumpdate here. I also have a post on office maternity outfits if you'd like to check that out too!) 

I haven't had anything that isn't a normal third trimester symptom--general discomfort, trouble sleeping (probably the hardest thing), more difficulty breathing, back pain, etc. I've had some tailbone pain, but going to the chiropractor once a month has been helpful for that. I've also been doing pelvic tilts & sitting on a yoga ball at work. Honestly, I have to tell you that even while ballooning up in size, I've enjoyed the last few weeks a lot more than the 28 previous ones--not having constant nausea and sickness definitely helps!

I've been craving breakfast sandwiches lately (bacon & egg biscuit, no cheese) in addition to the old standbys--cutie oranges & cold cereal. I'm trying not to give in to that one too often but at least I'm making sure to eat breakfast. :)

Size of Baby?
Babies sizes tend to vary a lot more in the later stages of pregnancy than they do in the early weeks, so the websites & apps have a large range in size this week, around 16 inches long and 3.5-3.75 pounds--the size of a jicama--which helps me not at all since I have no idea what a jicama is. It looks like a weird turnip/potato hybrid to me. But either way, Adaline will be gaining about 1/2 pound per week until birth, so if she's at 3.5 lbs now, she'd be about 7.5 lbs if she's born around her due date. That's about what I was at birth, although Ricky was a bigger baby, so I guess we'll see!

Size of Mommy?
I've gained about 17 pounds so far, which my doctor is pretty pleased with. I've been trying to get out and go on walks (especially with some of the nicer weather Nebraska has been blessed with in the last couple of weeks!) and I've gone swimming a couple of times as well. I've gone swimming a couple of times and I'm really loving being in the pool as it makes my belly feel a bit more weightless for a little while--baby girl is starting to feel really heavy!

My sister & cousin (with my aunt hosting at her home) threw me a baby shower in my hometown in Iowa this past weekend, which was lovely, and my sister-in-law, along with two family friends, are throwing one for me in Lincoln this coming weekend. So right now there's a lot of things in the nursery but I'm waiting until next week to get it all organized, and then we will figure out what we still need to buy, beg or borrow and hopefully it will be relatively set up within the next couple of weeks!

To Dos?
I keep talking about our childbirth education class, but it is finally right around the corner, as well as a breastfeeding class. We did meet with our pediatrician a couple of weeks ago, and we really, really like her and her practice. I'm excited to build a good relationship with her and her partners over the years with Adaline and with the second child we're hoping to have in the next few years. Her office offers car seat checks, so we'll be doing that soon to make sure everything is installed and buckled correctly.

Lately I've been really thinking about what a great dad Ricky is going to be, and that has been heartwarming and makes me look forward to this journey together. I'm still having concerns about certain things, like finances and lack of sleep, but I know we can get through this together and with the help of the people who loves us--it takes a village, right?

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